The Law Offices of David Horn provides aggressive representation in the area of criminal defense. The firm represents clients in District Court for matters as simple as traffic tickets or ordinance violations to more serious matters such as DWI, Drug Possession,Theft Crimes and Domestic Battery. Trials at this level are known as Bench Trials; juries are not used at this level because criminal defendants have a right to a de novo appeal if they are not successful at the District Court Level.

The next level of the Judicial System is the Circuit Court which includes the right to a trial by jury. The firm represents clients in the following level of the state judicial system, which includes the Arkansas Court of Appeals and the Arkansas Supreme Court.

The Firm also represents clients in the United States District Court or Federal Court for crimes such as Drug trafficking, Possession, Computer crimes, theft, and all other crimes typically prosecuted by the U.S.Attorneys Office.

The Firm has trial experience at all levels and provides aggressive representation.

D.R. Horn, P.A. is experienced in the following areas:

    • Traffic violations(speeding, reckless driving, driving on a suspended, driving uninsured, driving without a license)
    • Forgery and Fraudulent Practices; p. 742 5-37-201
    • Shoplifting/Theft of Property p. 695 5-36-103
    • Search and Seizure
    • Probation Revocation
    • Arson p. 808 5-38-301
    • Juvenile Law
    • Misdemeanor Offenses
    • Felonies
    • Drug Charges p. 347 5-5-303
    • DUI/DWI Defense
    • White Collar Crimes
    • Sexual Offenses
    • Assault
    • Violent Crimes
    • Battery/ Domestic Battery III (Family Violence would be a Battery III)
    • Murder
  • Homicide 5-10-105 (Vehicle homicide or Manslaughter)
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